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Slack onboarding guide

Admin setup experience

1. Install and test for yourself

Sign-up on Xpertly's homepage and get your own unique install link to install Xpertly app in your workspace. 

When you click the link, be sure to select the right Slack workspace in your browser if you're logged into more than one workspace.

Once installed, go to the app in Slack and in the Home tab set up your email digest preferences: topics of interest, members you wish to follow, and delivery time and frequency for your email digest.



2. Enable members to sign-up within Slack

Once you're comfortable with Xpertly's value, go to the app's Home tab and in the "Admin Settings" section check the box labeled "Enable User Signup".


This will now allow members to sign-up for Xpertly from within Slack, just by going to the app's Home tab and entering their email address.


3. Message members how to signup

Click on the "Share Xpertly" button to craft a custom message to your members to sign up for Xpertly.


In the pop-up that appears, select your name as the sender of the message and type out a message mentioning how Xpertly can help members find relevant discussions and contribute to the community more consistently.

Next select if you want to share this message with specific individuals or in select channels. 

Xpertly share dialog

Sample text to use in message:

Hi all! We have a new app for members to more easily find and contribute to relevant discussions. Xpertly Engage app sends you an email digest of discussions personalized to your specific interests.

Click on the button below to setup the free Xpertly app with your topics of interest and follow specific community members. Xpertly will deliver via email a summary of relevant discussions at a time and frequency of your choosing.

💡 Pro tip: for your reference, this pop-up screen also has a link to the Xpertly Home tab, in case you want to use this link in emails to your members (as might be the case in new member onboarding emails). Scroll below the "Share with channels" section.

Members will see your message as posted below and will click the button marked "Home" to go to the Home tab of Xpertly Engage app.


When a user signs-up you'll see a notification from Slackbot alerting you so you can gauge adoption.


Member sign-up experience

When members click the Home button above, they will go to the Home tab of Xpertly's Slack app. There they will see a screen to sign-up with an email account where they'll receive their email digest:



Once signed-up the Home tab will refresh and now they'll see settings to personalize their email digest - topics of interest, people to follow, and email delivery time and frequency.



Feedback, questions? Email us below and we'll respond within 24 hours.
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