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Increase member engagement. For free.

Enable your members to cut through the noise in Slack and get a daily or weekly email tailored to their interests.

Xpertly is free for communities to install and deploy.

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Give your members a reason to return regularly.

Xpertly makes it easy for members to find and engage with discussions relevant to their specified interests. Each discussion has a topic summary and a teaser linking back to the original post in Slack so users quickly understand context and return to contribute.


Make your community sticky. Facilitate members connecting.

Xpertly enables members to "follow" other members who have similar interests so they can learn from them and collaborate with them.

Connect to the right people in the community

Your member privacy is important to us

Icon_1-1 1. Only messages in public channel are analyzed. All data is deleted after 7 days.
Icon_2-1 2. No user identities are revealed. Summaries are anonymized.
Icon_3 3. Xpertly is read-only and never posts messages.

Increase brand affinity.

Easily customize the look of each user's newsletter to be on brand.

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Enhance community culture.

Show members what's popular - by channel and topic - so they understand the vibe and what the community values.

Integrate notices and sponsorships.

Insert custom announcements or sponsorships in the newsletter to promote your events, partners, or general news.

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What data do you store? Xpertly can only access messages in public channels that the user is already in. Messages are stored for 7 days to facilitate weekly digests and afterwards they are deleted.
How do you protect the privacy of the community? Xpertly does not expose names of community members in its email digest, except where you're following a specific user. All data is deleted from Xpertly after 7 days. Finally, Xpertly does not post any messages to the community so there is no risk of spam.
How is this different than the default Slack digest? The default Slack digest is not tailored to an individual user. So all users get the same digest, which may not contain discussions relevant to their interests.

Also, because Xpertly's digest contains topic summaries, users can more quickly understand context and relevance whereas the Slack digest forces you to read the entire conversation.
How is Xpertly different from Common Room? Common Room is a tool for community managers to help them understand users and activity, akin to a CRM. Xpertly is a tool to help community members engage with the community more consistently.
What reporting and analytics do you provide? Xpertly can regularly share reports with community managers detailing email open and click rates for their users. This can give community managers a quick glance at how Xpertly is increasing engagement and retention among their members.
How does Xpertly make money? Xpertly's basic product which allows users to be notified of relevant discussions in their professional communities is free for all users.

In future, we will introduce a paid Professional edition for users with advanced features, such as post analysis and guiding their posts to reflect the norms of a particular community - like not being spammy or salesy, contributing value before asking etc.
Can communities purchase Xpertly on behalf of their members? Yes. In the future when Xpertly has a paid version, it will be available for purchase on behalf of your community members if you want them to have more than the free version. Please contact us if you are interested in doing that.
How do I deploy Xpertly? Xpertly can be enabled in your workspace within minutes.  We provide simple step-by-step instructions for admins to test the app for themselves and then to easily deploy it to your members in Slack.

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